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September 27, 1986

Date of Birth

Quezon City

Place of Birth

Nurse, EMT-B


155 cm


63 kg


52.0 (Excellent)
Vo2 Max

APEX Endurance


APEX Coaching


Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Current Location


Before his life was changed, Romeo III grew up in one of the poorest area in Quezon City, he was the bread winner of the family and the eldest son of Emma and Romeo Jr. Puncia (separated since he was 2 years old.) Romeo is also a product of a school sponsorship program.  Romeo is married to Ria Dae Marie since September 27, 2015 and has a child named Elijah Rohm who was born December 27, 2018. 

Tribal Mission Work

He started his tribal mission work since 2005 when he was invited by his classmate Josephine Jimenez and from there he got in loved with this mission work. Romeo and his friends visited these indigenous and tribal communities of Palawan Philippines once or twice a year to conduct feeding and medical programs, education and sports activities, training and leadership skills and many more.

Triathlon Engagement

It was April of 2016 when Romeo's Friend Rodruf Sollestre invited him to check what Triathlon is all about. At that time Romeo doesn't know how to swim, and not properly know how to pedal a bicycle and run. And when he got in loved with the challenge and took the chance to learn, he did his first sprint triathlon on October 2016 in Dubai, and the rest became a history.

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