RACE with a purpose

Ever since Romeo felt in love with his first tribal mission exposure at year 2005, he keep on coming back to Palawan Philippines to serve the Indigenous and Tribal Communities. Along with his friends, He founded the KATRIBO CHARITES INC. in the Philippines to help the different communities and individual to have access to their basic needs for free.


Filipino and Abu Dhabi resident Romeo Puncia does triathlons and advocate of "Race with a Purpose" campaign. He competes so that other people may live, have hope and find purpose and meaning in life. He saves money every month and attends triathlon races in different parts of the world so he can help the indigenous tribal communities in Palawan, Philippines by providing them with health and medical programmes, clothing, food, sports training, school supplies and more. As the representative and pride of the UAE and Philippines, Romeo also wants to create awareness among the sports and other communities that we can use our talent and skills to make a difference in someone else’s lives. 

To know more about this project pleace visit www.katribocharities.com